Scientists Have Discovered an Entirely New Taste Cell—And It Could Be Used to Make Food More Delicious - Newsweek
Scientists analyzed the cells and behavior of mice for their study.
VerifiED: Is It Really Raining Diamonds In Neptune And Uranus? - ED Times
Scientists have produced new experimental evidence showing Diamond Rains are real thing in ice planets Neptune and Uranus.
Palaeontology: 429-million-year-old eye provides a view of trilobite life - EurekAlert
The internal structure of a 429-million-year-old fossilized trilobite eye is almost identical to that of modern bees, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. The findings suggest that the principles of vision in many insects and crustaceans toda…
Young Children Will Pass Up Rewards if They Know They can Explore Other Options, a New Study Suggests - Technology Networks
Technology Networks
"Exploration seems to be a major driving force during early childhood -- even outweighing the importance of immediate rewards."
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