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Selfiehack Using Kali linux

step1 : Open Termux
step2 : Update and Install packages

Note: check this Pakage are in your linux
step3 : apt-get update
step4 : apt-get install git
step5 : apt-get install php
step6 : apt-get install openssh
step7 : apt-get install wget
step8 : apt-get install curel

Now Install the SELFIEHACK Tool

step9 :
step10 : ls
step11 : cd selfiehack
step12 : ls
step13 : chmod +x * (give permission to run)
step14 : ./

Download Ngrok i

Set Ngrok for selfiehack
check ngrok and selfiehack tools installed.
copy ngrok to selfiehack folder
cp ngrok $HOME/selfiehack

choose port forwarding option : 02
starting php server..
starting ngrok server..
Direct Link :

Now copy the Direct Link
Send to the victim mobile (whatsapp, Fb and gmail ...etc)
Now Target clicked the link
It can taking front cam snaps

photos are stored in selfie hack folder
step1 : Ctrl+C to stop
step2 : ls

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